There is no on-site parking or drop-off permitted at LaureLive. All Rideshare, Limousine, third-party drop-offs and pick-ups – including anyone dropping off friends or family – takes place very safely at the Westwood Elementary School (13738 Caves Rd., Novelty, OH 44072) located 1.2 miles from the LaureLive entrance. Westwood Elementary School is our ORANGE Lot.

The police managing the entrance will not allow drop-off/pick-up efforts to take place on Fairmount Road at the entrance. Please be careful, please be safe, and use Westwood – it is too close not to use. This also includes motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, pogo sticks, unicycles and walkers. All parking and shuttle service is complimentary.

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Butler Campus
7420 Fairmount Road
Russell Township, Ohio 44072